Question: What oil is characteristically used in the cooking of South India?
Answer: Coconut oil is widely used in the cooking of South India. It is flavorful and nutritious.
Question: What is India’s national fruit?
Answer: The mango is India’s national fruit. It is rich in vitamins and a delicious, juicy treat.
Question: What word is used in India for tea?
Answer: Chai is a word widely used in India to mean the drink called, in English, tea.
Question: What is the name for a popular Indian dessert dish?
Answer: Gulab jamun is an Indian dessert made of fried dough balls in sweet rosewater and saffron syrup.
Question: What is the main ingredient of gaajar ka halwa?
Answer: Gaajar ka halwa is a kind of carrot pudding popular in many parts of India.
Question: Which of these foods does not originate in Mughal cuisine?
Answer: The Mughals introduced many Persian and Central Asian dishes to India, among them tandoor, kebabs, pilaf, and samosas.
Question: Which of these was called "food of the gods" in ancient India?
Answer: Once called the food of the gods in India, yogurt has been linked to much folklore. It has been regarded as a cure for insomnia, a wrinkle remover, a medicine, and even a fountain of youth.
Question: If you were eating rajma in Delhi, what would you be eating?
Answer: Rajma is the Hindi word for kidney beans, which makes a delicious accompaniment to a meal.
Indian meal of chicken keema, curry, rice, and naan bread.  (Pakistani meal; curried food; Indian food; Pakistani food)

Cuisine of India

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Cuisine of India
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